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MediaBlaster Ltd

(originally Mozetta Digital Marketing)


is a web development and marketing company based in Victoria, BC, Canada. We specialize in the development of websites and software applications, driving downloads, installs, pageviews, and most importantly sales. Since 2013, MediaBlaster websites have generated over 3 million unique visitors, 6 million video views, and over a million software installs. We own and partner in a wide variety of verticals, but specialize in tech and pest control.

Our Statistics

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Our past and current portfolio includes high trafficked websites such as, and; and we have created or partnered in the creation of popular software applications Total System Care, DriverAssist, OneClickRoot, among others.

We focus on active development of all our web asset holdings, delivering quick and effective results in terms of user experience, and most importantly monetization. With years of experience in SEO, video optimization, analytics, affiliate marketing, and software development, MediaBlaster has a proven track record of success. We invite you to look at our portfolio of current and past assets. While we do not openly solicit services, we are open to consulting and partnership agreements on a case by case basis, and periodically acquire and sell properties within our portfolio.
Seth Hornby is an online marketing veteran with over 12 years of experience creating and marketing digital products. After work for several major brands As an employee, consultant, partner, and performance marketer, he has worked with some of the biggest names in internet marketing, including, Safebytes Software, AbeBooks, RevenueWire, and the Provincial Government of British Columbia; he founded MediaBlaster under its original name, Mozetta Digital Marketing, in 2011. In this time, he has built dozens of websites, created numerous desktop software applications driving millions of views, installs, and most importantly, revenue. While experienced in many areas of online marketing, his core specialties are in SEO, affiliate marketing, software product development and project management.